A Review of Valuation Methods for Marine Protected Areas, Aller Rojas, O.

This guidance document was constructed as part of a work placement between the University of Glasgow and COAST between December 2021 and April 2022. After an extensive literature review of the experiences and best practices worldwide regarding valuation methods used to assess the ecosystem services within marine protected areas. This document helps define potential valuation methods and ecosystem services applicable to the Lamlash No Take Zone and the South Arran Marine Protected Area.

Valuation methods that prioritize the engagement of communities aligns with the nature of COAST’s engagement work. Both protected areas have the potential to provide various ecosystem services to Arran’s community and Scotland, the cultural and intangible services being the most important. However, additional efforts are needed to comprehensively define and measure the ecosystem services.

2022. Aller Rojas, A Review of Valuation Methods for Marine Protected Areas