Trustee changes at COAST – April 2021

The Board of Trustees at COAST are a tenacious team with an eclectic variety of skills, knowledge and experience. Collectively they are committed to guiding the charity in its objectives to achieve a diverse, abundant and beautiful marine environment for everyone.

Like all Trustees, COAST’s Board members are volunteers who selflessly give up their time and energy to attend meetings, fulfil various positions and shoulder the top level responsibilities of the charity. Latest updates from COAST’s recent AGM see changes to our Board, as Russell Cheshire and Jenni Martin retired from their respective posts as Chair and Secretary after many years of commitment.

COAST’s co-founder and Trustee, Howard Wood, reflects: “Jenni Martin’s generous contribution of her time and expertise for over a decade as both secretary and managing HR have been immense. We have benefited greatly from her ability to carry out these roles with professionalism and integrity. Russ brought great enthusiasm, marine knowledge and campaigning skills as a Trustee and Vice Chair and successfully took on role of Chair over the past 3 years with  friendly leadership. We are delighted that both have agreed to remain as Trustees for a while longer to offer their huge experience to both office holders and new trustees.”

We are very pleased to announce that Cicely Gill has agreed to take the helm, and stepped up to be COAST’s new Chair. A local author, artist and retired psychotherapist, Cicely has been involved with COAST for the last 12 years and has a wealth of environmental and social justice campaigning experience. She believes our actions at COAST are essential in order to push forward the attainment of recovering our seas towards more sustainable use.

We also warmly welcome Catherine Jenks into the role of Secretary. Catherine has been involved with COAST for at least the last 7 years, after being inspired by the knowledge and enthusiasm shown by all at COAST at the five year celebrations of the No Take Zone. In early 2020 she became a Trustee and has now agreed to become COAST secretary. Catherine has worked in healthcare on the island since the mid 90’s and brings her communication, social skills and enthusiasm to the team.

COAST are committed to catalysing a radical change in the way Scotland’s inshore waters are managed, and the Board of Trustees are a key element in achieving this. The nine strong team are a diverse bunch; together they make a force to be reckoned with. Responsible for COAST’s strategy and smooth-running governance, they are the foundation that enables COAST to be at the forefront of progressive community marine conservation.

Featured image:
Clockwise from top left: Russell Cheshire, Cicely Gill (Chair), Jenni Martin & Catherine Jenks (Secretary)