Anna Balls

Visitor Engagement & Admin Assistant
Having lived and worked in Canada and New Zealand for the last few years, Anna is excited about living closer to home whilst based on Arran for the summer. While living overseas, Anna enjoyed paddleboarding, and she is looking forward to checking out the scene here on Arran whilst learning about the local marine environment and the creatures she could encounter.

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Georgina Maclean

Georgina is a keen open water marathon swimmer, a snorkeller and diver. She has a passion for the sea and seeing the other world that lies beneath the waves. Regularly immersing herself in our waters has cemented her strong belief that it’s an environment we should look after, respect and engage with and teach others not to be scared of. 

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Richard Godfrey

Richard leads a local business and instructs scuba diving around the island. A active member of the lifeboat crew, Richard has a true passion for the sea both above and below the waterline. 

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Graeme Walker

A retired ecologist, Graeme has been closed linked to the conservation of Arran’s biodiversity, geology and landscapes for the last three decades. 

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