Responding to the Revised North Arran Salmon Farm Planning Application 2020

Scottish Salmon Company Amended Planning Application for Millstone Point, North Arran

On 9th October 2020 the Scottish Salmon Company submitted their revised planning application for a proposed development off Millstone Point to North Ayrshire Council. Comments have been invited by members of the public, but the planning department make it clear that these MUST relate to the new proposal, and not merely a restatement of previous objections. The Friends of Millstone Point Campaign Group have prepared a briefing note for all interested in submitting a response to this revised application, which contains material you may choose to include.

So what can we do?
As members of the public, we have until 9th November 2020 to submit our comments on the planning application; it is vitally important we object again – why?

  • The factory farm still relies on open cages which allow polluting emissions to flow freely and untreated into the sea.
  • The revised application is for a reduced number of cages, biomass and reduced stocking density but this is still a damaging proposal that will adversely affect Arran and the Clyde region.
  • The impact in the North Arran National Scenic Area is still large even though the number of cages and stocking density is reduced for the time being.
  • This revised proposal will still have a serious negative impact on Arran’s wild landscape and seascape, amenity, tourism value, economy and wildlife.

It is crucial that if you objected previously, you clearly state that your comments in your previous objection still stand and that you object to the amended application for the following new reasons, outlined in the briefing note here. Please make additional points in your own wording, as you see fit and on topics which you fee are most important to you, yet relevant to the planners and planning committee.