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COAST Newsletter Archive


19/12/2016 – Best of 2016 and celebrating the life of Tom Vella-Boyle

01/12/2016 – COAST Newsletter -Flotilla against fish farm expansion

13/10/2016 – Marine protected areas threatened by fish farms – Autumn news from COAST

03/08/2016 – Arran’s MPA a tourism dynamo – COAST August 2016 Newsletter

21/06/2016 – COAST in favour of staying in EU

08/06/2016 – Money matters for MPA’s – COAST June 2016 

06/04/2016 – COAST asks candidates for inclusive marine governance

10/02/2016 – South Arran MPA now legally enforced – COAST February 2016 Newsletter

22/01/2016 – Prawn lobby attack on Scotland’s MPAs

18/12/2015 – Season’s Greetings – Marine Conservation Order now before parliament

02/12/2015 – Winter marine news from the people of Arran

30/10/2015 – Rural Affairs Committee urges speedy implementation of MPAs

14/10/2015 – COAST newsletter – MPAs: Delays threaten marine recovery

26/08/2015 – August Newsletter: Summer marine news from Arran

11/02/2015 – Winter marine news from the Isle of Arran

04/12/2014 – COAST wins Nature of Scotland Award for Marine Conservation

08/10/2014 – Autumn marine news from the shores of Arran

07/08/2014 – Summer marine news from Arran – a community making a difference

07/08/2014 – Summer marine news from Arran – a community making a difference

04/06/2014 – June bumper issue of marine news from Arran

09/04/2014 – Spring Marine News: COAST walks on water for MPAs and other marine news

05/02/2014 – February marine news from the Isle of Arran

11/12/2013 – Festive Marine News from COAST!

06/11/2013 – Marine news and last chance to respond to Arran’s MPA (7 days to go)

09/10/2013 – Rare Clyde fish filmed as MPA consultation enters final month

02/08/2013 – Have your say on the Arran MPA. Marine news from COAST.

05/06/2013 – June marine news and latest on the Arran MPA

10/04/2013 – April marine news from COAST – Latest on the Arran Community Marine Reserve and much more

06/02/2013 – February marine news from COAST – find out what’s really happening in our waters.





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