Mathew Norton

crab picture

Matthew is a marine biology graduate and blogger from Plymouth University: “I’m fascinated with all sea life, for its diversity and influence in our lives. I look forward to getting involved in their conservation with COAST

What do you do as a COAST volunteer? 
Help out with various tasks, including running the Octopus centre, designing online resources and organising outdoor events.

Why do you volunteer with COAST? 
I’m looking to pursue marine conservation as a career and working with COAST as a seasonal volunteer has provided me with valuable experience.

Which is your favourite marine animal and why? 
Crabs, they are tough and charismatic little creatures which are always s joy to find and interact with (with caution).

What would you say to local people who would like to volunteer with COAST? 
With COAST you have the opportunity to get involved with the local community and help protect the incredible sea life around Arran.