Marine education resources

Here we provide you with a list of links to organisations, networks and resources that we love  to improve our ocean literacy at home, school or work! Please let us know if we have missed  any good ones out!

Citizen science – help collect marine data for better decision making:

Seagrass Spotter
At Project Seagrass, we’ve developed a conservation and education tool that could lead to new discoveries about one of the ocean’s most under-appreciated habitats – seagrass. With Seagrass Spotter, ocean enthusiasts around the world can become citizen scientists who contribute to marine conservation with just a few taps of their phone. We’ve made some important scientific breakthroughs with seagrass in recent years, but they remain incredibly threatened and are still under-appreciated globally. Please download the app and start collecting vital data on seagrass beds. 

Beachwatch (MCS)
Beachwatch is MCS’s national beach cleaning and litter surveying programme – helping people all around the UK to care for their coastline. Some of our best-loved marine wildlife is under threat from the waste and litter in our seas, with hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in litter. It’s also dangerous for people and damaging to our tourism and fishing industries. We all have a part to play in turning the tide on litter. Join an event or organise your own and be part of the most influential fight against marine litter in the UK!

Seasearch is a project for volunteer scuba divers and snorkellers who have an interest in what they’re seeing under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Britain and Ireland. The main aim is to map out the various types of sea bed found in the near-shore zone around the whole of Britain and Ireland. In addition we are recording what lives in each area, establishing the richest sites for marine life, the sites where there are problems and the sites which need protection.

Sources of marine science information and resources

Marine Scotland Education Zone

NOAA Education

MCS Cool Seas

BRIDGE (Teacher-approved!)

Project Seagrass Education

JNCC (marine data)

SNH (marine habitats)

Scotland’s Marine Atlas