Catshark by Richard Shucksmith

 Kameron’s MSc was in Marine Environmental Management with the University of York. With COAST, he did his masters dissertation where he studied the effects of Japanese Wireweed on the local commercially important juvenile fish species in the sea grass beds off the coast of Arran.

What do you do as a COAST volunteer
While working there I had the opportunity to volunteer with COAST at several festivals where I discussed MPA management and local wildife! It was so much fun getting to work with the community. I also even got to go to the. Highland games! COAST was an amazing group to volunteer with and I would recommend it to anyone!

Which is your favourite marine animal and why?
My favorite Marine animal… I know it’s lame but I think my favorite organism in general is algae! It is an incredible organism that sustains the environment and the food chain. And can also teach us a lot about our past! It’s really an incredible organism. And also it’s stunning when you get the chance to look at it under a microscope!

What would you say to local people who would like to volunteer with COAST
If you are looking to volunteer with COAST, get in touch with them via Facebook or by phone, I recommend the snorkeling page because you get the opportunity to go out and check out some wildlife with knowledgeable, friendly people!

Anything else you would like to add?
All in all I think COAST is an amazing organization and vital to the community, they have done so much for Myself as well as for the whole of Arran! If I get the chance I would ABSOLUTELY go back and work with them and if you want to get involved COAST are the people to get involved with!