festival for the earth

Howard is a key note speaker at Festival for the Earth

In November 2019 the 4th Festival for the Earth – an international conference centred on addressing issues affecting the environment – took place at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco in Monte Carlo and at the Villa Nobel in Sanremo.

The Festival is a series of international conference where scientists, researchers, creatives and activists from different countries highlight eco-responsible lifestyles and sustainable business models. The festival aims to raise awareness among the general public, and contribute to shaping a new, more sustainable future, with positive and constructive messages on how human-kind can co-exist with nature in a changed environment. This year, the festival benefited from the participation of environmental specialists, economists, scientists and entrepreneurs who introduced new ideas that promote the responsible use of resources on Earth.

COAST co-founder, Howard Wood, was honoured to be invited to talk at the Festival as a key note speaker at the Oceanographic Museum, to share his experience of creating the first Marine Protected Area developed by the Scottish community.

The Festival for the Earth is organized by MBR Art and the University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice with the support of the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, of the Oceanographic Institute, Foundation Prince Albert I of Monaco, the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) and the Cuomo Foundation.

festival for the earth