***** The Marine Visitor Centre is now re-open, with new policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of everyone *****
– Unless exempt, please wear a face covering
– Only one household, or two individuals inside at any time
– For health & safety, we’ve had to modify our displays and minimise our hands-on experience
– Opening days/hours are subject to weekly change – please check our facebook page for most recent updates

The Lamlash Tennis Courts are fully open, on a “pay as you play” basis – please put money in the honesty box at the courts or donate to us online via our website. We are unable to provide equipment at this time, and all players participate at their own risk.

Don’t take the “P” out of MPAs: Identifying conservation priorities for the South Arran Marine Protected Area., Hutchinson W.

The original management plan for the South Arran MPA allowed dredging in certain areas, prompting comparisons across the dredging boundaries. King scallop abundance was lower in the dredging area, reducing its viability as a fishing ground if dredging continues. The presence of juvenile gadoids suggests a potential nursery habitat.

2015 Hutchinson Don’t Take The ‘P’ Out Of MPAs. Identifying Conservation Priorities For The South Arran Marine Protected Area