Donation in memory of Alan & Pat Tod and Mrs McArthur

Last month, we received a generous donation from a Dr Alex Y. Allan who shared with us where the money came from and why he chose to donate it to COAST:

“This donation is mainly from bequests from my father’s cousin, the late Alan Tod and his wife Pat. I wish to donate this in memory of Alan’s life-long attachment to Arran, where he was born at Glenree Farm in 1915. His parents went off to farm near Scarborough, but Alan and his wife visited Arran regularly; a few years ago they donated the new gates for the church Alan’s mother attended at Kilmory.

“The donation is also in memory of Alan’s cousin May (aka Marion) – Mrs McArthur – at whose Lamlash home I spent many happy summer holidays when I was young, along with cousins, siblings and numerous relatives and friends. Alan looked after us children when we went fishing in the Bay in the McArthur rowing-boat; we used to catch plenty of cod, whiting, flounders, mackerel… ‘Aunt’ May cheerfully processed all our catches when we came home – even at midnight! (In our youth, the UK was on double summer time, so daylight lasted until midnight in July!)

“In later years, I was always interested to hear about the beginnings of COAST, and its growth and successful development, and trust this donation will help it to continue this vitally important work. Thank you Arran!”

We are exceedingly grateful to Dr Allan for his kind donation. We rely on donations like this to help us provide and care for a diverse, abundant and beautiful marine environment. If you would like to consider leaving us a donation in your Will, please get in touch to find out more.

Featured image:
Anglers row out into the bay during one of the once infamous Lamlash Fishing Festivals.