Diving and Snorkelling
Time to explore Arran underwater

Divers & snorkellers from far and wide come to Isle of Arran, Scotland to explore the No Take Zone and South Arran Marine Protected Area and witness the recovery of a marine ecoystem.


Diving on Arran is hugely unique. Dive within an ecosystem that is protected from damaging fishing practices and home to some of the most amazing intact habitats. Observe seagrass beds in Whiting Bay, Kildonan or Pirnmill, often with nudibranchs, pipe fish or cat sharks and scattered starfish. There are maerl beds packed with fascinating little creatures, and kelp forests and boulders, with large purple urchins, blennies and wrasse. A flame shell bed was also discovered in 2016 in Whiting Bay. You may also be lucky enough to climpse a migrating Basking Shark or some of the resident Harbous porpoises. 

COAST runs a commerical scuba tank filling compressor at its Discovery Centre in Lamlash Bay. Air fills are available. Please call us to book in your cylinders 01 770 600 656. If you have a large group please give us a weeks notice to make arrangements for your group. 

COAST do not rent diving equipment but Dive Arran do. Please contact them for more information. They also offer a large range of PADI Diving courses. If you would rather buy your own dive equipment, pop into Arran Active in Brodick.


For snorkellers we run summer Snorkel Taster Sessions for anyone keen to learn to snorkel. Check out our events page for more information  & available dates.

In collaboration with the Scottish Wildlife Trust we have developed a Snorkelling Trail for Arran which showcasing some of the our favourite snorkelling spots around the island, check out the Arran Snorkel Trail. Before you go snorkelling, make sure you read our Snorkel Safety Information below so that you know how to be a safe and responsible snorkeller, and check out the Useful Links for further information on snorkelling and some of the marine life that you might see.

There is also an Arran Snorkelling Facebook group for keen snorkellers. Get in touch with them if you are going out!




Explore our interactive map below; click on the legend icon on the top left of the map to view all the details and photos available. To view in full screen, click the enlarge icon on the top right corner. Come and visit our Discovery Centre to find out more about these sites and how to access them.