***** The Marine Visitor Centre is now re-open, with new policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of everyone *****
– Unless exempt, please wear a face covering
– Only one household, or two individuals inside at any time
– For health & safety, we’ve had to modify our displays and minimise our hands-on experience
– Opening days/hours are subject to weekly change – please check our facebook page for most recent updates

The Lamlash Tennis Courts are fully open, on a “pay as you play” basis – please put money in the honesty box at the courts or donate to us online via our website. We are unable to provide equipment at this time, and all players participate at their own risk.

Diving and Snorkelling
Time to explore Arran underwater

Many divers and snorkellers come to carefully explore the recovery of the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone and other extraordinary underwater sites in the South Arran MPA. We have gathered valuable information from local marine explorers for over 25 diving and snorkelling sites around the island for you to discover!

Observe seagrass beds in Whiting Bay, Kildonan or Pirnmill, often with nudibranchs, pipe fish or cat sharks and scattered starfish. There are maerl beds packed with fascinating little creatures, and kelp forests and boulders, with large purple urchins, blennies and wrasse. If you go out in late spring, the water may be colder but you’ll be rewarded with sightings of different types of eggs: cat shark egg cases, the highland dancer’s beautiful swaying spiral of eggs and jewel like green leaf worm eggs placed on seaweed. You may also encounter blooms of baby jellyfish, which make you feel you are in outer space with hundreds of tiny beautiful spaceships, with bright pinks, whites and multicoloured fluorescent flashes.

COAST can provide snorkelling gear and scuba diving air and nitrox refills if booked in advance. Click here for further details.

There is also an Arran Snorkelling Facebook group for keen snorkellers. Get in touch with them if you are going out!

Explore our interactive map; click on the legend icon on the top left of the map to view all the details and photos available. To view in full screen, click the enlarge icon on the top right corner. Come and visit our Octopus Centre to find out more about these sites and how to access them.