Jenny Crockett

Outreach and Comms Manager After volunteering with COAST for her MSc in Marine Environmental Management, Jenny joined the staff team in early 2016 and now manages our outreach, education and communications. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in public engagement, she loves passing on her passion of the marine environment to people from all walks of life.

Gavin Cameron

Gavin retired from a career as a professional engineer in shipbuilding and the offshore energy industry. He has been attached to the sea for his whole life through both work and play; after being enthralled by Jacque Cousteau as a child, he has now been diving for over 40 years and is an avid sailor and sea kayaker.

Alastair Milne

Alastair moved to Arran in 2021 after a career that encompassed academic research, the City and education. His teaching career covered both History and Government & Politics, the latter providing him with useful insights into the way that pressure groups interact with, and seek to influence, governments.

Charles Sheppard

Scientific Advisor Charles Sheppard is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Warwick, now living in Arran. A scientists for 50 years, his work in marine science research and conservation has earned him several awards, most notably the OBE and the Zoological Society of London’s medal, for work of outstanding importance in conservation, and he has written or edited over 20 books and 300 science and natural history articles.

Euan Ribbeck

COAST Explorer Skipper Euan joins the COAST team after returning full-time to Arran after working both overseas and elsewhere in the UK for more than 20 years. Having started out renting out small boats on Brodick Beach, he has since skippered sailing yachts for training and was fortunate enough to learn to dive in Indonesia. Euan has a strong background in Project and Operations Management and is a Yachtmaster Offshore and a PADI Advanced Diver.