Anne Sheppard

Chair Anne is a marine biologist who initially worked on pollution monitoring around the UK coast before being seduced by the warm tropics and working on coral reefs.  She is now living on Arran and happy to be on this beautiful island.  She is interested in all aspects of natural history, from the seabed to the stars.

Ruth McLaren

Minutes Secretary Ruth worked for Arran Eco Savvy delivering projects on sustainable lifestyles and carbon literacy. It is through this work, along with her interactions with COAST that she has recognised the importance of marine conservation in the fight against climate change.

Gavin Cameron

Gavin retired from a career as a professional engineer in shipbuilding and the offshore energy industry. He has been attached to the sea for his whole life through both work and play; after being enthralled by Jacque Cousteau as a child, he has now been diving for over 40 years and is an avid sailor and sea kayaker.

Alastair Milne

Alastair moved to Arran in 2021 after a career that encompassed academic research, the City and education. His teaching career covered both History and Government & Politics, the latter providing him with useful insights into the way that pressure groups interact with, and seek to influence, governments.

Georgina Maclean

Georgina is a keen open water marathon swimmer, a snorkeller and diver. She has a passion for the sea and seeing the other world that lies beneath the waves. Regularly immersing herself in our waters has cemented her strong belief that it's an environment we should look after, respect and engage with and teach others not to be scared of.