Cicely Gill

Cicely moved to Arran in 1968 and has been involved with COAST for about 12 years. Since leaving her job as a psychotherapist in Glasgow she has prioritised her writing, and is currently writing a play about the Clearances in Arran. She believes our actions at COAST are essential in order to push forward the attainment of sustainable seas. She swims in the sea nearly every day.
Don MacNeish

Don MacNeish

Don's travels to New Zealand inspired the idea of a community marine reserve; from this COAST and the campaign for the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone was born. He played an instrumental part in the establishment of the NTZ. Today Don remains a loyal and dedicated supporter.

Anne Sheppard

Chair Anne is a marine biologist who initially worked on pollution monitoring around the UK coast before being seduced by the warm tropics and working on coral reefs.  She is now living on Arran and happy to be on this beautiful island.  She is interested in all aspects of natural history, from the seabed to the stars.

Ruth McLaren

Minutes Secretary Ruth worked for Arran Eco Savvy delivering projects on sustainable lifestyles and carbon literacy. It is through this work, along with her interactions with COAST that she has recognised the importance of marine conservation in the fight against climate change.

Ronnie Mann

Treasurer Ronnie spearheaded the impressive development of the Auchrannie Resort since he co-founded it in 1988 so brings significant local knowledge and financial strategy to our Board.
Howard Wood

Howard Wood OBE

Howard has been diving the seas around Arran and Scotland since 1973; he has an extensive knowledge of the marine environment in the Clyde has created a photographic and video archive of Arran marine life. Howard was COAST's chair for 10 years before stepping down in 2018, before retiring from the Board at the end of 2023. Howard received the Goldman Environmental Prize in April 2015 for his work with COAST and was awarded an OBE for services to the marine environment in 2015.