Diver photographing scallop
Angus Robson

Angus is a diver and underwater photographer as well as a retired tradesman… When you meet him ask him why he is the only member of the OFD Club…?

What do you do as a COAST volunteer?
Assist with both maintenance of the Octopus Centre and underwater surveys of marine life

Why do you volunteer with COAST?
Any practical assistance I can offer to COAST I am only too happy to oblige

Which is your favourite marine animal and why?

Nudibranchs (seaslugs) The variety we have in Arran’s waters is surprising. Capturing the fascinating detail of these animals is an ongoing joy.

What would you say to local people who would like to volunteer with COAST?
It’s a community based group and progressive in its aims of marine conservation and any support locally is most welcome.

You can see some of Angus’s underwater photographs here www.arransealife.co.uk