Partners and Links
Together we can change our environment to benefit us all

Since the beginning, COAST has been supported by and worked in partnership with fantastic individuals and organisations across Arran, Scotland and beyond. Some of our earliest partners were the Marine Conservation Society’s Seasearch project and the University of York. They helped us build local capacity for recording marine life and develop a research and monitoring programme to enable effective decision making for sustainable marine management.

We partnered with Flora and Fauna International to support other groups who are also concerned and committed to protecting their local sea life and restoring our marine biodiversity. This has grown into a continually expanding Coastal Communities Network, around Scotland.



Nikki Harris

Centre Admin Assistant
Nikki moved to Arran (too long ago to mention!) and has been involved in community initiatives on the island including setting up Lamlash Youth Centre. She runs her own part-time business when not in COAST, and is passionate about helping protect our seas and trees!

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Geoffrey Dallamore

Funding and Centre Manager
Geoffrey moved to Arran in 2008 to run a local business and has become very involved in community initiatives on the island. He works with VisitArran and Lamlash Improvements as well as being on the steering committee of Think About Plastic – Arran. He is now bringing his business and retail experience to COAST.

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